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Track & Monitor

Keep track of your aquariums and inhabitants easily and effectively.

Unlimited Aquariums

Manage unlimited Saltwater and Freshwater aquariums.


Aquarimate Live Supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.

Track Parameters

Keep track of your parameters easily and reliably by logging your test results.

Know the chemistry of your tank and track the changes over time by viewing the history of the parameters.

Save the testing procedure for each parameter and use the timer to perform your tests easier.

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Track Parameters
Tasks & Activities

Tasks & Activities

Setup tasks with instructions and scheduled reminders for water changes, feedings, dosings and equipment maintenances such as replacing and cleaning filters, changing light bulbs, etc.

Aquarimate adds them to the calendar and will remind you whenever a task is due.

On the Dashboard, you can see what's coming up so you can plan accordingly well in advance.

Log your activities for each task you perform so you can keep track of your activities.

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Spot trends on parameters by correlating them with activities like water changes, dosings, feeding, etc.

Select specific parameters and activities to see the trends on a scaled, responsive graph along with a spreadsheet of the actual data.

Filter the report with a specific date range to focus on certain time period.

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Explore thousands species of both saltwater and freshwater livestock organized in categories in Aquaribase.

Find information about your livestock, including their name, taxonomy, care level and some physical description.

Instantly know if the fish you are viewing is compatible with the other fish in your livestock and wish list.

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Stay organized and add your livestock information (Fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Plants) for each tank.

Visually track the health and growth of your livestock chronologically by creating Timelines for each livestock.

Organize your notes related to each livestock.

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Equipment & Maintenance

Equipment & Maintenances

Store information about your equipment separately for each tank.

Create timelines, add notes and schedule maintenance reminders along with instructions for each equipment.

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Foods & Feedings

Store information about your foods such as brand, quantity and size along with the directions and usage information so you have them handy when you need to feed your fish.

Create feeding tasks with feeding amount and instructions for each food with a specific schedule and Aquarimate will remind you whenever a feeding is due.

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Foods & Feedings
Supplements & Dosings

Supplements & Dosings

Store information about your supplements such as brand, quantity and size along with the directions and dosing instructions so you have them handy when you need them.

Create dosing tasks with the dosage amount and instructions for each supplement with a specific schedule and Aquarimate will remind you whenever a dosing is due.

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With Timelines, you can visually track the health and growth of your tank inhabitants chronologically.

Take photos, add a note and tap to update the status of your timeline. It's that easy!

See how your activities (Water Changes, Dosings, Filter Changes, etc.) affect your test results and how changes in parameters affect the health and growth of your livestock.

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Wishlist & Notes

Wish List & Notes

Add your favorite livestock, equipment, food and supplement information to the Wish List so you don't forget about them next time you visit your local fish store.

Keep all your notes organized in the searchable Notes section.

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Expense Management

Keep track of your itemized expenses, organized in separate categories so you know how much you have invested in each category.

Know how much you have invested in each one of your tanks.

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Photo Gallery

Unit Converters &
Dosing Calculators*

Easily convert measurements in different units with the advanced unit converters.

Calculate the required dosing with the advanced dosing calculators.

* Available for iOS App only.
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Photo Gallery

Organize your tank photos in different albums inside the app.

Create as many albums as you like for each one of your tanks.

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Your Voice

❝ When I decided to get into reefing I looked around for apps; there's a million for anything! I tried a few, wasted some money, and settled on this one. It allows for a growing reefer to start with recording the basics, makes adding equipment and livestock easy. The system is linked to an online database which helps for identification of corals. The fact you can use your pictures to catalogue the reef is a great feature, especially looking back and saying "Wow, that's what it used to look like?" The reminder feature for tasks is very nice. It provides a reminder for things to do and thing forgotten. This app has been an indispensable tool for a new reefer. It's so easy to use, my wife keeps it updated when I'm away on business. ❞
Dec 8, 2016
❝ If you are serious about the care of your aquarium and want to keep track of parameters or need reminders to do what, when, this is the app to have. Great attention to detail and ease of use. You can tell a lot of thought and hard work went into its development with the end user in mind. Well worth the price. ❞
iTiger's iPhone
Nov 23, 2016
❝ I was very hesitant to spend the money on this app but I am glad I did. The main features I wanted were: 1) To be able to log my tank parameters 2) Receive alerts for tank maintenance. It has no problem doing these 2 things, and with a very easy to use interface. I am slowly realizing there are other useful features on the app as well. 3) You can keep track of fish and coral growth/ appearance over time with picture logs. 4) You can log equipment info so if something breaks you know how long it lasted and what to replace it with. Just today I found a new feature: I used a calculator to determine exactly how much Seachem reef builder to add to my tank to raise my dkh from 8 to 9. It even alerted me that this amount should not be added too quickly due to the effect it would have on pH. A lot of thought and organization was put into this app and I'm finding it well worth the money. ❞
reece's mommy
Mar 1, 2016
❝ Forget about the cheap or free apps that don't have near the tools you will find in this app. If you own a reef tank this is an awesome app that allows you to keep track of all your parameters and even graph over time! No more spread sheets. This app is absolutely worth the money! ❞
Nov 23, 2016
❝ This app is extremely useful yet simple to use. First off it is very attractive. You create reminders that are added to your calendar and are repeated after complete for whatever interval you set. It keeps excellent logs with graphs for your parameters, along with many other uses. Since I began using this app my husbandry has improved significantly. I would recommend it to anyone. ❞
Sep 27, 2016
❝ Schedule maintenance such as water changes, filter changes, water testing, dosing, whatever. Never miss a beat. Record all your water parameters and create trending reports. Scheduling a repeating event involves telling it how many days out you want to repeat the event (instead of picking the 15th of every month, for example, you can set "filter change" for every 28 days). I love this. It means I can set up my filter changes to always occur on Saturday mornings, when I have time to do it. ❞
Sep 5, 2016
❝ I have everything schedule to this app I like the notifications I like it that it transfers to iCloud calendars so my wife and I can keep track of feeding times water changes chemical dosing etc. keep track of chemical levels and notes whenever there is a big change how the change happened with comments love the calculator and built in timer. five stars! ❞
Jul 11, 2016
❝ This little app keeps track of everything you would ever need to professionally maintain an LPS or SPS reef tank. Over the course of my reef hobby, I've spent thousands of dollars on reef equipment. This was by far the best $10 of it ever spent... ❞
Mar 6, 2016
❝ I love this app. It keeps me organized, sends me reminders, and the charting graphs are good for comparison and history. I also like adding my livestock. I haven't added any of it to the expense charts because honestly, I don't want to know lol. :). Don't miss out on this app. Highly recommended !! ❞
Jan 7, 2016
❝ Whether you have fresh or salt, one or dozens of aquariums, this app keeps track of parameters, livestock, reminds you of tasks to do (like water or filter changes), permits you to set lower and upper limits for each parameter, and add custom parameters. Absolute gold star app! ❞
Dec 21, 2015
❝ Hands down the best app I've ever bought! A must for anyone with multiple tanks (or even just one well maintained tank). Plus I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can log current livestock, add future livestock purchases to my wish list... and even create a wish list of future equipment purchases. Oh & the timeline function is amazing. Just buy the app, seriously it's awesome! ❞
Jul 26, 2015
❝ Aquarimate is by far the best aquarium log/tracker/journal/analyzer (whatever you want to call it) app available. It covers most of the responsibilities involved in aquarium upkeep, making it a practical tool for anyone who keeps some sort of a record/log of their tank(s). The ability to either customize or add notes allows me to cover any ground not yet contained within the app. Fortunately the version history shows a steady trend of constant progression, bringing promise to eventually becoming the "ultimate app for anything aquarium!"...eventually. The only real downside is the price. I felt that $10 was rather steep (for an app in general) at first, but the ability to test all of my parameters at once (thanks to the handy timers and reminders/notifications) and graph out past records makes me very happy with my purchase. Even though there's not really much else out there, aquarimate is still light years ahead of its competition. ❞
May 1, 2015


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  • Available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Your app data is stored on your device.
  • You can backup your data to our cross-platform cloud and restore when needed.
  • No subscription needed.


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  • Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.
  • Your app data is stored in our cross-platform cloud.
  • You can use Aquarimate Live to access your data on multiple devices simultaneously. No need to backup anymore.
  • Subscription to Aquarimate Live is needed for $9.99/Year.

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