Keep track of your parameters easily and reliably by logging your test results.

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Tasks & Activities

Setup tasks with instructions and scheduled reminders and log your activities when you perform them.

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Spot trends on parameters by correlating them with activities like water changes, dosings, feeding, etc.

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Find information about your fish, corals, inverts and plants and add them to your livestock or wish list.

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Add your fish, corals, invertebrates and plants for each tank and visually track them with timelines.

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Visually track the health and growth of your tank inhabitants chronologically.

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Equipment & Maint.

Store your equipment information for each tank and schedule maintenance reminders with instructions for them.

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Foods & Feedings

Organize your foods and schedule feeding reminders with the amount and instructions.

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Supplements & Dosings

Organize your supplements and schedule dosing reminders with the amount and instructions.

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Wish List

Add your favorite livestock, equipment, food and supplement information to the Wish List.

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Keep all your notes organized in the Notes section and easily search to find your previous notes.

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Keep track of your itemized expenses organized in separate customizable categories.

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Easily convert measurements and calculate the required dosings with the advanced calculators.

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Photo Gallery

Organize your tank photos in different albums for each of your tanks separately inside the app.

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Backup & Restore

Backup all your data wirelessly on Aquarimate Cloud and restore when needed.

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Aquarimate Live

Join Aquarimate Live to manage your aquariums across all your devices including Windows and Mac.

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On Your Device

  • Available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Your app data is stored on your device.
  • You can backup your data to our cross-platform cloud and restore when needed.
  • No subscription needed.


In the Cloud

  • Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices.
  • Your app data is stored in our cross-platform cloud.
  • You can use Aquarimate Live to access your data on multiple devices simultaneously. No need to backup anymore.
  • Subscription to Aquarimate Live is needed for $9.99/Year.

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