Aquarimate is a reef, Saltwater or freshwater aquarium maintenance app designed for freshwater, saltwater or reef aquariums. When it comes to aquarium maintenance, reef keeping, coral keeping, aquarium management, testing water parameters, tracking your fish and corals and managing expenses, Aquarimate is the app for you. It also includes a fish database, livestock library for Fih, corals, invertebrates and plants. Available for iPhone and Android phone. Aquarium maintenance app features reminders for tasks and activities, tracking livestock and organize expenses. We work our best to provide the best experience to you so you can enjoy reef keeping as your hobby. Aquarium keeping and reef keeping is so much easier with aquarimate.

You will love aquarimate for your Freshwater or saltwater tracking and planning. It is an organizer that helps you track parameters and easily manage your aquarium. Reef keeping is so much easier with aquarimate.

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Your companion to maintain awesome healthy aquariums!

Whether professional or hobbyist, Aquarimate can help you manage your tanks easier than ever!

Best App to maintain your aquariums.

Stay on top of your water parameters and track our test results!

With Aquarimate you can log all of your test results to keep track of your parameters easily and reliably.

You can also view and plot the history of the parameters in any time period you desire in a responsive chart.

Learn more about Parameters & Statistics

Track Your Activities, Let Aquarimate Remind you When

Create your husbandry tasks and Aquarimate will add them to your Calendar so you will be reminded whenever a task is due!

In the Dashboard you can see what's coming up so you can prepare yourself and plan accordingly well in advance!

Log your activities for each task you perform so you can keep track of your activities.

Learn more about Tasks and Activities


With Timelines, you can visually keep track of the health and growth of your tank inhabitants chronologically.

Take photos, add a note and tap to update the status of your timeline. It's that easy!

Aquarimate let's you build as many timelines as you want for your fish and corals so you can keep track of each loved one individually.

Build a timeline for your whole tank and watch your tank thriving over time!

Learn more about Timelines

Livestock and Equipments

Stay organized and add your livestock information (Fish, Corals, Inverts and Plants) along with your equipment for each tank.

Attach your livestock to your timelines to visually keep track of their health and growth chronologically.

Learn more about Livestock Section


Track Expenses

Wouldn't it be nice to know how much you have invested in each one of your tanks?

With Aquarimate you can keep track of your itemized expenses organized in different categories so you know how much you have spent on each category.

Learn more about the Expenses


Photo Gallery

Organize your tank photos in different albums inside the app.

The beautiful photo gallery section allows you to create as many albums as you like for each one of your tanks to organize all your photos.

Learn more about Photo Gallery


Backup & Restore

Backup all your data wirelessly on Aquarimate Cloud!

With Aquarimate Cloud you can backup all your data whenever you want, wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

Restore your app, whenever you need. Our cross-platform cloud system allows you to backup and restore between iOS and Android devices in case you change your phone!

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Our Promise

We want you to love Aquarimate! So, If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the app, let us know and we will issue a full refund.