Parameters & Statistics

Parameters Sheet

Parameters Sheet

With Aquarimate you can log all of your test results to keep track of your parameters easily and reliably.

You can pick the date from the drop-down calendar above the test sheet and then choose a parameter from the list to enter the test results.

You can see the little "." below the dates that have at least one logged test result.

To change a previously recorded result, find the date from the calendar and choose the test to update.

Aquarimate includes the most popular water parameters based on your tank type but you can add any other parameters you wish to keep track of.

See the trend and changes in the results on the result sheet. Your out of range results will be in red!

Test Result Entry

Simply enter the test result and optionally add a note about your testing, like the testing condition, how long it took or other information like how many drops you used, etc.

Use the stopwatch to perform timed tests easier.

Timers will continue to run while you are testing other parameters. You will be notified when it's time to check your results even if you leave the app.

You can see previous results along with the testing procedure all in one place. No more spreadsheets and instruction sheets.

Test Entry


View all your test results along with your activities in a spreadsheet format. You can choose as many parameters and tasks as you like.

Filter results with a specific date range to focus on certain time period.

View and plot the history of the parameters in a configurable time interval on a responsive chart.

Plot multiple parameters along with your activities at the same time to make spotting trends between parameters and activities easier.

Tap on each point to see the actual test result and the test date. Zoom, pan and scroll the graph to focus on the points you desire.

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